Employer Services

Access to Professional Account Representatives and Account Management Services: Account management services include solicitation, posting and dissemination of job orders, referral of qualified applicants for job openings, and internet listings.

Employer Recruitment Services: Employer recruitments are conducted by all Centers. Both the employer and the specific Career Center hosting the event are responsible for marketing and outreach. Customized recruitment will be implemented for any new employer to the Workforce Investment Area. Staffing resources will be shared among the three Career Centers to provide technical assistance to any area business.

Initial Pre-screening of Applicants Prior to Referral: Based on the qualifications desired by employers when job orders are filed, Career Center job developersor Employment Services Account Managers will pre-screen applicants for job openings prior to their referral to the employer.

Labor Market Information, Information on Applicant Pool and Qualifications of Potential Applicants: As requested, employers are offered information on the Workforce Investment Area's labor market, the characteristics and skill levels of the available applicant pool, information on those qualified job seekers who are currently seeking employment and prevailing wage data.

Access to Talent Bank: Interested employers may receive information on the qualifications of individuals currently seeking employment. Employment Service Account Managers or Career Center Job Developers can provide employers with the resumes of qualified job seekers and may contact the job seekers on behalf of the employers. This represents an easily accessible pool of local applicants.

Information on Local Availability of Training Grants, Skill Development Opportunities and Referral to State Funding Resources: Employment Service Account Managers or Career Center Job Developers will provide interested employers with information on local or state sources of funding for training and employee skill development, along with information on how to access the funds.

Information on Working With Individuals With Disabilities: Career Center partners offer technical assistance to employers working with the disabled and on the Americans With Disabilities Act compliance issues. Employers may also receive guidance on accessing auxiliary aids, devices and services for individuals with disabilities.

Information on Unemployment Insurance: Employers are given information on their rights and responsibilities under Massachusetts' Unemployment Insurance system.

Information on Employment Legal Issues: Representatives of the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office are regularly stationed at the Fall River Career Center, providing employers from large and small businesses with information on Work Opportunity Tax Credits and Welfare to Work tax credits, along with filing assistance.