The Bristol Workforce Investment Board includes several subcommittees that are vital in guiding the work of our organization. Each includes a core group of board members and other workforce development stakeholders from different areas of the region.

Executive Committee

Provides overall coordination of the Board’s work and is the primary liaison with Executive Director. The committee is also responsible for budget and administrative oversight, is the liaison with our Chief Elected Official, approves the area’s Workforce Development Business Plan and sets policy for the region’s One Stop Career Center. Develops policy & strategy for evaluation of WIB supported activities. Members consist of Board Chair and three regional Vice-Chairs, a Labor Vice-Chair, Clerk and Treasurer

Planning Committee:

Sets strategy and process for development of Bristol WIB Plan. Oversees Request for Proposal development process. Analyzes workforce trends in the region. Responsible for development and maintenance of board’s Strategic Plan, including collection of LMI data. Develops job seeker and employer engagement strategies. Responsible for evaluation of system-wide performance against strategic plan.

Youth Committee

Responsible for the development of policy and strategy for youth services. Brings youth service stakeholders together to coordinate area youth programming throughout the region. Analyzes youth statistics and performance data. Recommends types of in-school and out-of-school services to be procured. Assists in the development of the youth section of the board’s workforce development strategic plans.

Disability Action Committee

This committee acts as the WIB’s main planning arm for improving services to individuals with disabilities. The committee fosters increased collaboration among local disability partners and helps to ensure that the region’s Strategic Access Network Plan (SNAP) is implemented within the One Stop Career Center (OSCC) system and the workforce development system as a whole. Responsible for a regional Disability Action Network that coordinates services in an innovative and effective way.